The TGA Athletic Handbag

At TGA we take pride in our quality products, and we believe that every athlete deserves quality. 

TGA Blue Sequin Figure Skating Tote with Equipment inside

 So, what makes TGA Athletic Handbags the best?

TGA Athletic Handbags are not just a cute accessory, but durable! We’ve lined every seam with sturdy piping to ensure that your TGA Athletic Handbag keeps it together. 


 Another important feature are the handles. We’ve made ours with the athlete in mind. They are large enough so they do not get tangled with your gear.  Similar athletic bags make theirs too small, forcing your gear to be squeezed together. Our larger handles allow you to have all the space you need.  Our handles attachments are down further on the bag so the top of our bag does not snag and wear out over time. This increased strength will hold the weight of your gear.

Do your athletic bags ever get wet or dirty? With the TGA Athletic Handbag, that is no longer a concern. The bottom of our bags are lined with a waterproof material, protecting your gear on the inside.

We’ve also taken the time to ensure that our interior is as efficient as the exterior. TGA Athletic Handbags have a nicely, polished interior. The fabric is held tightly to the structure of the bag, so you can be sure the inside will not tear, or unravel.

If space is a concern when purchasing a TGA Athletic Handbag, no need to worry. One side can fit a half size tissue box and the other side can hold your water and gear. The interior is spacious, but we’ve also added plenty of pocket space. The front of the bag is lined with one large pocket that is held together by velcro, which can be fashioned into 2 pockets. Inside the front pocket is a smaller pocket for your cell phone, keys, etc. The bag also has 2 side pockets, one on either side. Both can be closed by a snap clasp to ensure the pocket’s contents are secure.



Cute, durable, and efficient! What more does a Totally Great Athlete need?!