TGA Figure Skating Rink Tote

The TGA Athletic handbag began its life as a Figure Skating Rink Tote for girls.  Soon enough, it branched out into ballet, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, and many other sports. 


This Figure skating rink tote has everything a figure skater needs.  The two snap pockets on the ends are the perfect space to keep a CD, band aides, hair ties, or any other flat or small objects. On the front, there is a large pocket that can keep many accessories, including your notebooks and instructions.  There is a velcro fastener so you may divide this large front pocket into two smaller pockets.  These smaller pockets can carry pencils pens, band aids or other small items. On the front of the large pocket, there is a third pocket that you can put your music player or phone in.  So the front pocket can be either 2 or 3 pockets depending on your individual needs. Compare that fact to other rink totes!   


On the inside of the TGA Rink Tote there is enough room for a large tissue box, however most skaters prefer the smaller half size tissue box which only takes up half of the rink tote.  With the TGA Rink tote you also get a divider, held fast by Velcro.  One side of the bag is for a smaller half-size tissue box leaving the other side of the rink tote to carry one or two water bottles, your skate guards, extra gloves and your jumping protection pads. This allows you to have everything you need rink side, letting you stay on the ice longer without getting off looking for items you need or forgot.


This rink tote also is designed with an ice rink in mind.  The width is perfect for setting on the wall. The sequin style TGA Rink Tote has a plastic bottom so any condensation on the ledge or seats will not stain your wonderful TGA bag. The TGA Heartbag rink tote is made of water resistant plastic. The inside of both types of rink totes is made of water proof material.  So spills and moisture from the rink will not hurt the inside of this great rink tote.  


Do you use a Zuca to get your ice skates to and from the rink?  There is a strap on back that will hold this bag on top of a Zuca bag to ensure everything makes it to the rink with as little effort as possible.


This figure skating rink tote is strong but light weight with securely attached handles.  The handles are larger than other similar products allowing it to be carried easily with gloves. .


Don’t be caught at the rink without this marvelous bag.  Stylish, strong and functional.  From practice, completion to the Kiss and Cry, this bag will increase your figure skating enjoyment. 

Simply the best rink tote there is!